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Levando saúde para populações remotas

Moradores do interior da Amazônia também merecem um tratamento digno

Levando saúde para populações remotas

Moradores do interior da Amazônia também merecem um tratamento digno

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About us

The NGO (non-governmental organization) ZOÉ is a non-profit entitiy with the aim to provide solidariety and support to amazonic people with restrict access to health care. We will do it:

With regulary expeditions

With Telemedicine

Providing support with equipments and supplies

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You´re in good company

A serious and engaged team that see the health as a key issue in our society


Nurses, doctors and various health specialists are the central pillar of the NGO Zoé

We are regulating our documentation to start receiving donation by our site, but you can donate here.


Secretaries, video makers, designers, social media specialists, IT technicians and other professions are part of what we do in our daily lives

Companies that donate may prefer NGOs with more followers, and in this you can help us a lot!

Fábio Atuí
Fábio Atuí
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Anyone who works with volunteers knows, they have an account that doesn't close: People go full of desire, ready to donate, get there, attend, operate and work for real, but then, when they come back, they realize that they received much more than they gave.
Marcelo Averbach
Marcelo Averbach
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Wonderful place, but lacking in resources. Being able to help this population is something extremely gratifying.
Marco Aurélio D'Assunção
Marco Aurélio D'Assunção
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Participating in a medical care expedition to riverside and needy populations in Brazil is very enriching. We gain a lot as a personal and spiritual experience. We come back with a different vision of our mission in this life.

Know more about the NGO

How Everything Has Born

Who Seeks Healing was a hugely successful project, with 19 expeditions and 2,200 patients examined. With the end of it, the NGO Zoé appeared to keep the mission ahead.

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What means Zoé?

Zo'é is an indigenous tribe that inspired and gave rise to the NGO. His name simply means "We".

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Next Expeditions

Due to COVID-19 we are reestructuring the next expedition


We promise to not send too much emails and do not share your data with anyone!


Last News

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No, we attend people in remote places, whether indigenous or not.

Call us by our phone, social networks or mail. We are solving bureaucratic issues before accepting online donation and to give you fiscal benefits by the donation.


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