Why Zoé?

Shutterstock 1357600163 1 - ONG zoé

The Zo’é indigenous population lives in the locality between the Cumunapanema and Erepecuru rivers (in the northwestern region of the state of Pará) and speaks a variation of Tupi-Guarani. The drive for our NGO’s missions comes from the simplicity and humility of this tribe. The tranquility of these isolated Indians in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, organizers of a society in which men and women are absolutely equal and is our greatest inspiration. The very term “Zo’é” is in line with our NGO’s determination of solidarity in Health and the purpose of caring for our fellow men. “Zo’é” simply means “we”.

*Nota: A foto não é de um índio Zoé devido a direitos de imagem

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