Can I became a volunteer?

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We need different doctors and different specialists. Join us!

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Health professionals

Health professionals such as nurses and technicians are the basis of our mission and we often need different professionals.

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You are not a healthcare professional but want to help?
There is no shortage of work!
Fill out the form or get in touch and we will find ways for you to join the NGO Zoé!

What do our volunteers say?

Fábio Atuí
Fábio Atuí
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Those who work with volunteering know, there is an account that doesn't close: People go there full of desire, ready to donate, arrive, attend, operate and really work, but then, when they come back they realize that they received much more than they gave.
Marcelo Averbach
Marcelo Averbach
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A beautiful but poor place. Being able to help this population is something extremely gratifying.
Marco Aurélio D'Assunção
Marco Aurélio D'Assunção
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To participate in an expedition to provide medical assistance to the riverside and needy populations of Brazil is very enriching. We gain a lot as a personal and spiritual experience. We come back with a different vision of our mission in this life.

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