How it all began

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From a digestive tract cancer screening project, called QUEM PROCURA CURA, carried out between 2014 and 2017 in remote communities on the banks of the Tapajós River, in the Amazon region, the NGO Zoé was born.

The initial project had a beginning, middle, and end, with 19 expeditions with 2,200 patients screened by upper digestive endoscopy and colonoscopy. The project involved private companies and partners in the endoscopy sector and the city of Belterra.

Health agents came out to publicize, register and guide selected patients. It was a medical experience and an academic one, as medical students participated in the project and the entire social environment. However, we were left with a feeling that we had not finished our work. A question remained: what to do now?

With a sense of continuity, the idea of the NGO Zoé was born. We seek to provide global health care to underserved populations in the Amazon rainforest region

But how to make this idea a reality? Let’s say that there are very different people taking part in this NGO: dreamers, great doctors, great managers, and, above all, people willing to help others in need.

With the commitment of all those involved, we are fighting at this moment of a historic pandemic so that our dream can come true.

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