Bringing health to remote populations

Amazon forest residents deserve HOPE

Bringing health to remote populations

Amazon forest residents deserve HOPE

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About Us

ZOÉ is a non-profit association that supports Amazonian populations who have limited access to health care. We will seek to do this in the following ways:

Regular shipments


Aid with equipment and supplies

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You are in good company!

A serious team that sees health as central to our society


Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

Nurses, doctors from various health specialties are essential to Zoé NGO.


We are getting the paperwork right so we can receive it through the site, but if you want to donate click here.


Secretaries, videomakers, designers, social media specialists, IT technicians and other professions are part of what we do in our daily lives.

Enjoying our social media

Companies that donate ask for NGOs with more followers, and here you can help us a lot!

Fábio Atuí
Fábio Atuí
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Those who work with volunteering know, there is an account that doesn't close: People go there full of desire, ready to donate, arrive, attend, operate and really work, but then, when they come back they realize that they received much more than they gave.
Marcelo Averbach
Marcelo Averbach
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A beautiful but poor place. Being able to help this population is something extremely gratifying.
Marco Aurélio D'Assunção
Marco Aurélio D'Assunção
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To participate in an expedition to provide medical assistance to the riverside and needy populations of Brazil is very enriching. We gain a lot as a personal and spiritual experience. We come back with a different vision of our mission in this life.

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We promise to send few emails and that we won’t share your data with anyone!

Find out more about the NGO

Where does
the name Zoé come from?

Zo'é is an indigenous tribe that inspired and gave birth to the NGO, its name simply means "we".

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How it all began

Who Seeks a Cure was a hugely successful project, with 19 expeditions and 2,200 patients examined. With its end, the NGO Zoé came along to carry this banner forward.

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Upcoming expeditions

Check our social media for the most up-to-date information

latest posts

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Why Zoé?

These companies help us bring health to the Amazon. Saiba mais

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, quite the opposite: we serve people who are in remote places, whether they are Indians or not

Get in touch by phone, social networks or by email. We are working on the tax part so that we can give you tax benefits for the donation

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